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Welcome to Wise Old Man's Help Pages where you will find help on a number of web related topics, e.g. HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, GEOCITIES' PAGE BUILDER and TUTORIALS. In addition there are my personal home pages, including an extensive golf section and a family scrapbook with photographs going back a hundred years.

Almost all of my pages have a drop down menu at the top left. Please use it to find the help topic you require. If you are not sure how to use drop down menus, then CLICK HERE.

Thank you for visiting my pages.

Dave Thomson a.k.a. Wise Old Man

The Author

There used to be hundreds of people visit my site each month to find help. Many of these people come to find help on Yahoo/GeoCities' Page Builder, help they can find no other place.

Now, with the demise of GeoCities which began in 1999 and continued downhill until 2009, the only people accessing this site are curiosity seekers.

My tutorials cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, and CGI basics and then it is up to you to expand your knowledge.

If you are interested in having your own domain name and host, please see ,my Domain Name Help Page.

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