In order to make the best use of this ASP.NET Tutorial you should be able to use HTML and have a general knowledge of Web development terminology. You should have some previous experience with ASP. In addition, you should be familiar with the concepts behind interactive Web pages, such as forms and scripts.

If you are not familiar with ASP you can learn the basics at my ASP Tutorial. ASP.NET uses many of the same concepts as ASP, e.g. IF..THEN...ELSE...END IF. Therefore, this tutorial will not cover those topics. Other topics, such as CASE, FORMAT, IF..THEN...ELSEIF...ELSEIF...ELSE..END IF, and SUBROUTINE that are handles differently in ASP.NET will be covered. Finally, a familiarity with data access is definitely a plus but you can get by without it for now.

In order to practice with ASP.NET you need to be able to construct web pages using ASP.NET and display the page in your browser. There are two excellent FREE program you can download, install, and use to make .aspx pages. I have included a "How To Use" page for both of these editors (see menu at top left).

  1. Wed Matrix (I recommend this program for making aspx pages) is a free program from Microsoft that allows you to develop ASP.NET web pages and display them on your PC. You can download a free copy at
    . The download file is 1.3MB and the actual space taken up on your hard drive will be about 3.4MB.

    "Develop and test your ASP.NET applications, without requiring IIS. Web Matrix includes a lightweight personal web server that serves most web content, including ASP.NET pages and XML Web Services, for local requests."1

    The one big problem I had with Web Matix is that the Design Mode doesn't allow you to drop and drag anyplace on the screen. This has been corrected in Visual Web Developer Express Addition 2005 (VWD)

  2. Visual Web Developer Express Addition 2005 (VWD) is a very powerful and huge program.

    Visual Web Developer

    You can make your .aspx pages using VWD drop and drag Design Option. You can also hard code in the Source Option

    I don't recommend this program unless you are familiar with using computer languages or have spent quite a bit of time using advanced program editors like DreamWeaver.

I recommend that you use the dropdown menu at the top left of and read the various topics in the order they are listed. If you already know some of the topics, then certainly skip them if you want. You can also use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of each topic page. to page through the tutorial.

1 - How ASP.NET Works