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HTML TUTORIAL - CREATING WEB PAGES OFFLINE If you are interested in learning about making web pages offline with an HTML editor like HTML-KIT, then please see my tutorial.

JAVASCRIPT TUTORIAL! A step-by-step tutorial to help you learn JavaScript.

DYNAMIC HTML & CASCADING STYLE SHEETS TUTORIAL! An easy way to learn a difficult subject. A detailed Reference section with almost all the element properties you will need.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY About Wise Old Man's Help Pages - read some of the compliments from my visitors.

ANIMATION! A detailed explanation on building animated graphics Included is the location of a free animation maker along with extensive screen snapshots on using it to make a simple animated graphic.

MEDIA BUILDER An outstanding site for graphic libraries plus 3D TEXT, ANIMATED BANNERS, AND BUTTONS that you can MAKE ONLINE.

Construct your web pages offline using a HTML editor or a word processor program (See: OFFLINE EDITING). Offline editing means:

  • Make and store all your pages on your hard drive;
  • Test your web page using either the HTML editor or your browser;
  • Revise your page until you have it the way you want;
  • Upload the web pages & graphics to your File Manager using either EZUPLOAD in your File Manager or via FTP.

If you don't have an Offline HTML Editor, you can download a Great, FREE HTML Editor, HTML-KIT 292, at:

I recommended! this editor as it has an excellent toolbar and help menu. Click here to learn a bit about using HTML-KIT or use the pull down menu at the upper left.

Other HTML editors can be found at:

  1. HTML Builder 20
  2. Anfiteatro
  3. Arachnophilia

You can use a word processor program like WORDPAD or NOTEPAD to create and edit your web pages by doing the following:

  1. Open the word processor and put the HTML codes in the file.
  2. Save the file using the file type as TEXT (.TXT).
  3. Open Windows Explorer and find the file you just saved.
  4. Right click on this file in Windows Explorer and then on RENAME.
  5. Change the extension (TXT) to HTML or HTM.
  6. Press the Enter Key
  7. When the message comes up the the file may not work due to changing the extension, click on OK

File/Menu Common To Many Page
Learn how to make a common menu for many pages using Javascript! Acts like Server Side Include (SSI) but you can use it anyplace!

Domain Name Information
Interested in a Domain Name, e.g. Then get some inside information about where to get a domain name, where to host it -> Domain Name Info

Form Re-direction
You can now re-direct a mailto: form to any other web page!

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People from 123 countries have visited these pages. The vast majority of visitors to my site come from the USA. All States are represented with the top six being:

  • Virginia - 28.2% (mostly AOL users)
  • California - 3.8%
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  • Texas - 1.2%
To see a complete listing of countries go to My Visitors.

CSS Navigation Menu Bar
I have modified the code for the best navigation menu bar so you can now use it on your pages.

Everyone who uses forms can now validate the various entries by going to Form Validation.

Looking for something different to put on your page? Then try this CSS CutOut!

You can make your PC relatively save by using FREE software that can make your PC a stealth PC, i.e. hackers can't tell if your PC ports exist! For more information, CLICK HERE!

Do you know that you may have programs on your PC that, whenever you are connected to the web, report back to some unknown source what you are doing on the web, what sites you visit and, perhaps, what ads you click on? For more information, CLICK HERE!

There is a difference between how Netscape and Microsoft IE display a web page. If you are making web pages that will be seen on the internet, then you need to understand these differences and plan accordingly for them. Read this interesting article by Bruce Steward from the Web