The BrainJar Navigation Menu is, perhaps, one of the best navigation menu around. You can get the original version at Use VIEW > SOURCE and save the file to your PC. Another excellent menu is from Milonic.

This navigation bar can have:

I have modified the original code, with the author's permission, by creating:

  1. a CSS style file and
  2. a javascript function file,

The CSS file link and the Javascript Function link are added in the <HEAD> of each page where you will use the navigation bar.

<LINK REL=STYLESHEET TYPE="text/css" HREF="bjmenustyle.htm">
<SCRIPT SRC="bjmenu.js"></SCRIPT>

These links, along with the menu code, will automatically create the navigation bar on that page.

You can download my modified version here along with an instructions file to explain how to modify the code.

If you edit this file with the outstanding FREE HTML editor, HTML-KIT, the comments will appear as black text on a yellow background. This versatile editor allows you to change the color of various HTML elements, e.g. comments, links, so they are easy to see when editing. My help page on HTML-KIT has screen snapshots of this feature as well as many others.

I highly recommend this FREE program for making your pages offline on your PC.