This page will explain how you switch your domain name and hosting from GeoCities to another host. By doing this you will receive more hosting features than GeoCities offers, more service, and more help when problems arise.

Recently, Daniel, a GeoCities PRO member, told me how he, a PRO or BUSINESS member, changed his domain name server (DNS) names so that another host on the web could provide him hosting. This is critical as most PRO and BUSINESS members soon learn that they can get more service, features and help at almost any other host. The procedure that he told me as is follows:

"We had purchased the Geocities Pro ($8.95/month) from Yahoo/Geocities and it came with a domain name of course. Right after you log into your account at GEOCITIES, scroll down just a bit and on the right there is a little box that says "Manage My Domain" and it contains a link that says, "Domain Control Panel" (with NEW! written beside it), written underneath is "Manage your domain name, domain contact information, and advanced DNS records."

Click on the link leads you to a address (Mine was ""). From there, I click "Manage Advanced DNS Settings" and underneath that it offers to "Change NameServers".

The really stupid thing is that if I log in directly through, they won't let me see the DNS control panel, claiming, " Currently you do not have any Yahoo! Small Business products". So the only way to log in is through Geocites>Scroll Down>Click on Link>Be forwarded>ect..."

If you do arrange for a different host to host your domain name you should seriously consider transfering your domain name to another registrant. Do this at least 4-6 weeks before it is time to re-register your domain name with, which is where GeoCities registers your domain name. Otherwise, will charge you $35 for another year! Transfer your domain name to another registrant such as and pay $8.95/year or less per year! Many registrants will gladly switch you to their system for less than $9 and probably give you an extra year's registration.

Note: if you sign up for an expensive business account and use GeoCities' Site Builder be aware that Site Builder cannot be use on any other hosting except with extreme difficulty. Thus, using Site Builder forces you to remain with GeoCities expensive Business Accounts. To compare GeoCities' Business Account to others please see my comparison page.

If you can only make pages with GeoCities' Page Builder then you probably should host with GeoCities (don't follow the instructions below) as you cannot edit Page Builder made pages with any other editor except maybe Front Page, which costs about $80.

When you sign up for a Premium Account GeoCites registers your domain name. But GeoCities doesn't tell you who is registering your domain name. It is

Generally, you can point a domain name to a free geocities or plus account by signing up for a domain name at a site that offers free Domain Name Forwarding. These registrants will re-direct your domain name to any ULR on the web. This is a cheap way to have a domain name, e.g. $5/year, but, when anyone goes to your domain name they will be shown your geocities site, i.e. the browser location bar will show the geocities address, not your domain name.

Why would you want to control your domain and and hosting? Because GeoCities is a very poor host, e.g. they offer fewer services than other host for the same amount of money and they have very poor customer service and help.

Note: If you choose to use GeoCities problem plagued Page Builder then you probably need to host a domain name with GeoCities where the price of the domain name is included in GeoCities' monthly fee.

Of course, with a little time, effort, and patience on your part you can easily

  1. find a free, similar editor and use it offline on your PC
  2. purchase Front Page at a local computer store for about $80, e.g. at
  3. start to learn & use HTML by using HTML-KIT (free HTML editor that I use) on your PC to make your pages.

If you have trouble with GeoCities and the telephone number above is no help, then, as a last resort you can try contacting Yahoo!, who owns GeoCities at one of the two locations/telephone numbers below.

8:30AM-5:30PM PDT Monday-Friday
(GeoCities & Web Hosting) for Domain Name, Billing or Web Hosting problems.

Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, California 94089
Phone (408) 349-3300 (use menu to get GeoCities Customer Service)
Fax (408) 349-3300
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST