Quick Presence On The Web
  1. Know HTML
  2. Buy a domain for $8.95/yr from or $5.99/yr from There are many other domain name registrant on the web OR,
  3. Find a host at that offers a FREE Domain Name if you host with them. My host, does for $59.40/yr.

Please use the menu above to read about Domain Names and Hosting. Be sure to read the page, GeoCites Premium Accounts, that deals with getting a domain name and hosting through GeoCities, which I can not recommend that you do.

There are seven major things you must understand before you buy a domain name and have it hosted on the web.

  1. Free Domain Name With Hosting". Most hosts now days offer you a free domain name if you host with them. If you already have a domain name most hosts will allow you to transfer the domain name to them and they will maintain your domain name for free as long as you host with them.

  2. Check To See If The Domain Name Is Available. Check first with the host you want to use. As stated above, most hosts will set up a domain name for you for free. For other information on how and where to check on the availability of a domain name please go here.

  3. A Domain Name is only a small part of a present on the web. Purchasing a domain name is relatively easy and inexpensive but in order for the domain name to be useful it has to be hosted someplace the web (see 2 below). Then when someone goes to your domain name, they will see your pages.

    You can purchase a domain name many places, e.g. one of the largest sites for registering domain names is GoDaddy.Com. You can purchase a domain name for from $8.95/year for one year to as little as $6.95/year for 10 years. Some registrants, the site that registers a domain name for you, may charge from $15-35/year so be careful where you register you domain name. And remember, most hosts will give you a domain name for free when you host with them.

  4. Host or hosting means you pay some web site to store your web pages and files on their server so that anyone on the web can see you pages. A host can offer many different options to your from (a) the size of storage space, e.g. from 100MB to unlimited, (b) amount of data transfer, e.g. from 2GB/month to unlimited, (c) cgi access, which allows you to use perl or cgi scripts, (d) free shopping cart, (e) Server Side Include (SSI) pages, and much more, and for different prices per month, which seems to be in the $8/month range. To see various hosts and there options go see my Hosting Page or HostSearch.Com.

  5. You have to make your web pages on your PC with an editor, which means that if you are currently using GeoCities' Page Builder then you have to find some other program to make your web pages. Almost all hosts will not offer a web page editor on their site. You are responsible for making your own web pages, either with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor that your purchase (maybe $100 or so) or one you get free off the web, e.g. at If you go to EDITOR FREE > WEB DWARF you can see how one such free editor works and where to download it.

  6. Use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload your web pages and files from your PC to your host. Although this sounds complicated it actually is very easy. You can get a free FTP program many places and if you go to my help page FTP Help you can see where to get an excellent, free FTP program and how to use it.

  7. A credit card is normally required to pay for a domain name and host. Some hosts will accept checks, e.g. Gorillahost.Com.