MAKING FRAME PAGES Use the three steps in the menu above to learn all about frames .

Another method for displaying a large menu is with Post-It.

You are looking at a ROW frame screen, i.e. there is a frame at the top of the screen and another frame this is displaying this text. This is a simple frame screen as some frame screens can have four or more separate frame displayed. You can think of frames as window panes. This screen is a window and the frame parts are the panes (top & bottom) of that window.

This two row frame window has a menu frame and a main display frame and requires a minimum of three HTML files:

  1. Set Up Page - defines how the screen will be broken up into frames.

  2. Menu Page - displays links to other HTML files that will be shown in the Main Frame.

  3. 1st Page - displays in the Main Frame and is your main or opening page that people will see when then frame page is accessed.

Once you have these three files made and the frame page works, then you can make more pages and put links to them in the menu file.

Use the menu at the top of all frames discussion pages to learn about frameS. Read the STEP 1, STEP 2 and STEP 3 pages first using the menu at the top of this page. Then you can continue on with the Frame Attributes.

If you only want the quick & dirty details on frames, then click on Quick Frames above.