HTML-KIT TOOTLS (EDITOR) - I Recommend This Editor ($59) Which Can Be Downloaded at


This new HTML-Kit Editor, Version 20121101 (2012), is very powerful and most people who make web pages will never use it full potential.

I will display various screen capture images of how HTML-KIT TOOLS looks from start up, displaying a previous made html file, to using the various EDIT, TOOLS, options.

Clicking on the HTML-KIT TOOLS desktop icon, this is what the toolbar at the top of the screen will look like.

You can create a new html document or edit (open) an existing document using the Folder icon at the top right. This will display a folder on your harddrive like this.

I have selected this particular page, "helphtmlkittools.hmt", as shown below.

Here are snapshots of the four (4) tabs at the top of the screen, START, EDIT, TOOLS, HTML. When you first open HTML-KIT TOOLS use your cursor to examine each tab and the icons located therein. Be sure to click on each small down arrow to see what can be used for that function.m Be advised that you probably should already know a bit about writing HTML documents. If not, get a decent reference book on the HTML TAGS.