This is the HV Menu, which can have either a vertical or horizontal. Run your mouse over the menu and see how many levels it can produce. This is one of the best menus around and I recommend it to anyone with HTML experience. There are many variables you can change in the Javascript file that sets up the menu but the author include a comprehensive instruction web page with the files and I have put comments in the various files to guide you.

The major advantage of the HV MENU is that you have only one file that contains the menu and it can be used in any number of your pages. By this I mean the a simple Javascript, included in each file, produces the menu on that pages. The Javascript looks like this:

<script type='text/javascript' src='exmplmenu_var.js'></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='menu_com.js'></script>

PLEASE NOTE that the two javascript files are in the same directory as the pages that use them. DO NOT upload the .js files to your cgi-bin folder or any other folder.

In the above, the 1st javascript file, exmplmenu_var.js, is the actual menu. The 2nd javascript file, menu_com.js, contains all the necessary common javascript code to make the menu work. This latter file does not have to be modified by the user.

You can customize the menu in many ways, some of which are listed below.

There are two ways you can get this excellent menu:

  1. Download my zip file that contains all the files necessary to create your pages (6 .htm, 4 .js, 3 .jpg, 1 .gif). Included are the files for both the sample blank horizontal and vertical pages which you can use to start your web pages.

  2. Go to the original source for the FREE menu at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/hvmenu/index.htm.

The menu can be placed anywhere on your page. But you do have to know the exact coordinates in pixels. The menu top left corner's distance from the left and top edges of the screen is fairly easy to determine using trial and error.

Use the links below to see sample menus. The code for these are included in the zip file above so you can use them as blank templates for your web pages.

Blank Vertical Menu      Blank Horizontal Menu

As a final improvement to a series of web pages using the HV Menu, see Common To Many Pages help page which will explain how to incorporate a logo and/or other html in each page besides the HV Menu.

I made a web site for my step-son, Terry, who was selling performance car parts. He originally sold strictly on Ebay but decided to get his own domain name. Now, with his free time limited he has shut down his site. The graphic below shows his main page with the menu expanded to show his products. As you can see the HV Menu can hold many links in multiple levels.