QuadSucker/Web (QSW) is the shareware program that can be used to download files from any URL. A URL is defined as a domain name such as http://www.yahoo.com, http://www.quadsucker.com, etc. Therefore, caution must be used when using this program as you may download more files than you want.

Another program (free trial version) to download a site can be found at http://www.sparkleware.com/superbot/index.html.

I have not tested this program so use your own good judgment as to whether to download and try it.


When QSW is installed on your PC and the shortcut on your desktop is available you can double click on the shortcut. The first thing you do is click on FILE > SETUP (see graphic below).

Then, in the setup window, click on the SPIDER tab.

Make sure that the two boxes in the RED AREA are un-checked. If you check these two boxes then QSW will download all possible files from the URL. This is extremely important if you are using QSW to download your GeoCities site as the URL is www.geocities.com. QSW may attempt to download all of the files that have www.geocities.com as the URL, not just the files in www.geocities.com/membername!

The next item to specify in the setup is the folder on your hard drive that the files will be stored in. Click on the Download tab. The default folder is a sub-folder of the folder where QSW is stored on your PC. I recommend that you use a special folder like the one shown below. If necessary, create a new folder.


Once you have the setup complete, then you can put in the location of your site.

I am using my site's index.htm file as the starting point. Click on the Start button and QSW will begin to download the files. You can:

I recommend that you try all the options under VIEW to see what displays.

If you have any links to other GeoCities member's pages, then QSW will download these sites too as they are part of the major URL, www.geocities.com. These member's pages will be put in a separate sub-folder of the folder on your PC where the files are stored.

I have contact the program's author about this to see if there is anyway to restrict the downloading to just the folder specified at the URL.