What is spyware?

You may not know it but your PC may be harboring hidden programs that, whenever you are on the web, reports to unknown sources your web activities such as which pages you visit, what ads you have clicked on, i.e. profiling your web habits. Then these sources can use the profile to their advantage in targeting future ads for you to see. These programs many times are ActiveX Programs which can be installed on your PC when you visited a web page. These programs are sometimes known as Hijack Programs. For information on removing these programs see spywareinfo.com.

These programs, called spyware, and defined by Gilles Lalonde as, "...ANY SOFTWARE which employs a user's Internet connection, without their knowledge or explicit permission, to collect personal information."

What can you do about these spyware programs?

Get one or more of the following FREE programs and use them every other day or so.

Use AD-AWARE To Clean Your PC. Go to http://lavasoft.element5.com/software/adaware/ to download and run this free program to remove spyware.

I use this free program on my PC and run it every two days or so.

Go to Spybot and use their Free program.

I have this free program on my PC and I run it now and then to see it if will pick up some spyware that Adaware doesn't.

Go to http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html to download and install spyblaster to stop new spyware from getting on your PC.
Use Gibson Research's! which can help you clean up your PC.

I strongly recommend that you visit Gibson Research and read about spyware and their program, OptOut, which is was and may still be free but will soon be a commercial product, GRC NETFILTER.

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