This is a simple example of a sidebar menu. Here we have the menu running down the left side of the screen. This content is restricted to the remaining part of the screen.

We are using CSS Positioning to position the top logo, the sidebar menu, and the page content. All of this is explained in the sidebarmenu help page.

The links on the left to work. The will display several of my other help pages and are more or less random, i.e. there is no particular reason why these links are used other than the demostrate a sidebar menu.

The menu could just have easily been on the right side but I recommend against that. If any graphics or content of the page is too wide the menu will be "pushed" off the screen on the right side.

Naturally, you can easily change the link so the color, font, size are different or even use images for the links.

With this type of menu the content will continue down the page and the text and/or graphics will always be a specific distance from the left (right) hand side of the page, i.e. if the menu is short then the space below it, and the same width as the menu, will be blank. Of course, this space could be used to display other things by using CSS Positioning.

Please return to my help page on SideBarMenu (Common File To Many Pages) to learn how to make this type of menu.