• Drop & Drag
  • Previews In Editor Or Browser
  • Good Help
  • Backups on your PC
  • Complex Program
  • Long Learning Curve
  • Saves In Its Own Format, .ims
Here is one comment by a Web Dwarf user:

"thanks a lot! Webdwarf is great! I'd recommend it to everyone. Now that you've taught me to use it, it's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! My favorite part about it is how it has all sorts of font. Your website is very helpful when it comes to adding html code to my pages!"

This WYSIWYG editor will take some time to figure how to use it. So be aware of that as you read about it below.

You can download this FREE What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor at Installation is easy as the download is an .exe file. Like GeoCities' Page Builder, this WYSIWYG editor works with Objects. Everything that you put on the page, e.g. text, graphics, HTML code, can be dragged around the screen to any position you wish, i.e. a DROP & DRAG EDITOR.

IMS Dwartv2, like any WYSIWYG editor will take a bit of time to learn how to use it.

NOTE: Like all WYSIWYG editors, Web Dwarf will create your web page in its own format (.ims) and then publish it in html format (.html) for use on the web. This means that you most likely can not edit your page with some other editor. And the html code will be almost impossible to modify with a text editor like WordPad.

Web Dwarf' tool bars are extensive as can be seen in the graphic below. For details on these tools in the tool bars, please use the menu in the box above.