IMPORTANT NOTE: if at any time you feel you need help send me an email by using my email form. And remember, there are no stupid questions!


First, please don't start off with a negative attitude, "I can't learn HTML, it is too hard for me!". HTML is not hard. You can't learn anything new if you start off thinking you can't learn it!

Second, erase any negative thoughts you have about learning HTML and, instead, open your mind and let the knowledge flow in. It will if you allow it.

Third, take your time! There is no rush. If you have to have a web page made within a short time from now then use some other editor like GeoCities' Page Builder. Learning HTML is a never ending process. But you still can make some great looking pages as you learn. I have been learning HTML since 1995 or so and I continually update my pages as I learn new tricks. You should be able to learn enough through my tutorial and help pages in the next several months to make just a good as pages as most people on the web.

Fourth, don't be afraid of failure! In order to learn you have to make mistakes (fail at something). This is how you learn by making mistakes. Think about it - how did you learn to walk, talk, ride a bike, drive a car, etc. All are done making mistakes, hopefully no "bad mistakes" learning to drive. So learn by your errors and realize that making errors is part of learning.

Fifth, don't be afraid to ask question! There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Email me with any question any time. I answer emails several times a day so you should get your answer within 24 hours.

Finally, get on with your learning! Read below and take your time. Think about what you are reading. Use the menu at the top left to go through the 18 chapters.

If you want a "quick tour" of HTML then see my Quick HTML Tutorial.

Some other HTML Tutorials can be found at these sites:

Or see a Google Search for HTML TUTORIAL

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If you are anxious to get started learning HTML I strongly recommend that you read the information before the lessons,

in the menu at the top left. However, if you wish to start learning now, then Click Here, but, please, read the above section sometime as they are critical to your learning HTML.

You will need to have some sort of an editor that you can use on your PC to make your web pages. You can use WORDPAD or NOTEPAD but I strongly recommend that you use the excellent free editor that I use, HTML-KIT.