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Students: Do not use this sample page as your sample page. Make your own using:

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Background color and/or graphic
  • Table(s) with color/graphic background
  • Simple form with two inputs

This is my first web page made with HTML-KIT.

We begin a new paragraph. And I have added more text here but you can add any text you want at this point to make the paragraph longer so that it will look "more complete".

I have taken out This is a new line. with the line break so it is now a new paragraph.

You should now know how to make:

In addition, you should be able to

  1. Make text with different fonts,
  2. Color,
  3. and size.

golfhole1 (21K) golfhole1 (21K) And you should be able to place graphics on your page either on the left side or right side so that text will "flow around the graphics as I have done here. If you don't remember how to do this, look at lesson.

Each of these cells has a width=200 Maybe you should try changing with widths to see how the table looks with different size cells.
And try removing the width=200 in each of the cells in the bottom row to see what happens to the table when some cells don't have a width specified

Can you make a table like this?
This table is different from the one shown in Lesson as it has a border around it and it extends the entire width of the screen.

If you have forgotten how to make a "thin line table" then see Lesson 10, Advanced Tables > Thin line borders.

How is this done? Easy :o) You just add width=100% to the <table>.

But, be careful!. If you use a percentage for the width of the table and use actual pixels for the width of any cells, then the text/graphics in those cells may not extend from side to side. For example, you can change this cell width from 50% to 200 and see what happens. (The text here will not extend to the right border of the cell.)

Finally, this last column will have larger text just to contrast the text sizes in the table.