Before you get started there are a few things you should know about using HTML. A browser determine how a web page looks by reading your web page file and looking for HTML tags.

HTML tags are made up of <element attributes> For example,

  1. <a href="URL"> - a link to another web page
  2. <body> - describes how your page looks
  3. <img src="photo.jpg"> - a graphic or image

In the above the a, body, and img are the elements and the href="URL" and src="photo.jpg" are attributes. You will learn about attributes as you work through this tutorial. Many elements can be used with or without attributes, e.g. the paragraph element, <p> whereas others elements require at least one attribute, e.g. <img src="URL>.

If you like you can skip the rest of this lesson and go directly to Lesson 1 - Putting TEXT on A Page.

You can make a simple web page using these HTML tags or elements:

Tags tell the browser how to display the page, e.g where to make paragraphs, what size and color of the text, etc. For example, in bold, italic, or a certain color like BLUE. There are 109 HTML tags, all of which you can see and learn about at It is possible to make a very nice web page with just the tags you will see is this tutorial.

There just three fundamentals of HTML tags that you should be aware of:

You need not concern yourself with the above tags in (3) except for the <br>, the line break, <link>, links to another page, and <img>, displays a graphic. These tags, and a few others, will be used in the lessons.

HTML-KIT's Basic Blank New Page With Minimum Code

The basic layout of a HTML web page, i.e. the minimum HTML tags that you need in any web page, is shown in the graphic below. This graphic is the new page in HTML-KIT, which is automatically opened when you click on the NEW PAGE icon (circled in RED). All web pages should start with this basic configuration.

Your text, graphics, and other HTML code goes between the <BODY> and the </BODY>.

The HTML-KIT editor, which I recommend you use to make your HTML page, has a HTML WIZARD where you can construct any HTML tag with the proper attributes. This is a huge advantage as you can easily see the required attributes and the options ones. The Tag Wizard Icon is circled in RED below.

NOTE: - do not become overwhelmed with the many attributes that are associated with many of the HTML tags. You will normally only need one or two attributes, e.g. <img src="myphoto.jpg" alt="My Photo"> or <a href="2ndpage.htm">My 2nd Page</a>. The wizard will show you which attributes are required, i.e. the minimum you need to use.

Click on the 2nd red cirled icon, Tag Wizard, to get a list of all possible tags that have options.

The IMG wizard (for placing a graphic on your page) is shown below.

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