You are probably wondering why you should use HTML-KIT, or any off-line HTML editor or a word processor such as WORDPAD or NOTEPAD, rather than one of GeoCities' editors. The answer is very simple and involves several factors:

  • Experience less frustration.
  • Always have a backup of your pages on your hard drive.
  • Do not have to be online to develop your pages.
  • Test your pages faster.
  • Gradually learn how to use HTML.
  • Develop skills in building web pages.
  • Be able to edit your pages with a common word processor program (if necessary).
  • Be able to have someone who knows HTML help you debug your code.

You could certainly use one of GeoCities' File Manager Editors:

However, the WIZARD and BASIC editors act as a 'crutch', i.e. you do not learn much about making a web page as almost all coding is done for you. The ADVANCED EDITOR is actually only a little different from a word processor, i.e. you have to know HTML codes to use it effectively and it does not have a help with regards to HTML. PAGE BUILDER is a fairly simple way to make a web page but it requires you to be online, takes rather long to log in to, has some bugs associated with it (sometimes will not load or save your page), and any page made with PAGE BUILDER should not be edited with any other editor.

HTML-KIT on the other hand has an extensive toolbar where you can:

What are the negative things about using HTML-KIT (or any other off-line HTML editor):

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