My Generation Didn't Have
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Here is a small list, 104 things, that my generation didn't have when we were kids. This is the short list as I haven't put enough time into making the list longer, which it easily could be. I hope your generation enjoys reading it.

What My Generation Didn't Have When We Were Kids
B&W Or Color Television Personal Computer FM Radio Jet Airplane
Space Station Ball Point Pen MicroWave Oven CamCorder
VCR Super Market Condominium Time Sharing
Cable TV Satellite Walkman CDs & Player
Pagers Cordless Telephones Frozen Foods Milk In Paper/Plastic Cartons
Plastic Gas Furnaces Heat Pump Shower
Toaster Oven Home Security System 2nd Car Credit Card
Day Care Working Mother One Hour Photo Wal-Mart & K-Mart
Shopping Mall CB Radio Air Conditioning Interstate Highway System
Home Intercom 1600 SF Home Ranch Home Pizza
McDonald's And Fast Food Anything Self-Service Strip Mall DisneyLand and DisneyWorld
Digital Clock Battery Wristwatch One Hour Glasses Direct-Dial Long Distance Telephone
Nintendo Fake Christmas Tree Car Seat Belt Diesel Car
Motor Home Cell Phone Fax Machine Bar Code
Xerox Psychic EPA Greenhouse Effect
Food Vending Machine Doughnut Shop Queen/King Size Bed Gas Log
Hospice Senior Citizen Modular Home Data Processing
Electric Typewriter Electric Shaver Yogurt Discount Store
Two Piece Golf Ball Metal Golf Club Health Club Motel
Aluminum Baseball Bat 4 Minute Mile 7' High Jump 7' Basketball Player
300 Lb Football Player Debt Welfare Visible Homeless People
Bread Machine Dishwasher Clothes Dryer Drip-Dry Clothes
Garbage Disposal Trash Compactor Wall-To-Wall Carpet Tensor Lamp
Electric Can Opener Electric Knife Dimmer Switch Medicare & Medicaid
TouchTone Telephone Color Printer Man On The Moon Civil Rights
States Of Alaska And Hawaii Super Bowl Astronaut Assault Rifle
Over Weight Kids Jump Shot In Basketball Football Face Mask Three Point Shot In Basketball
Spray cheese in a can Carbon Fiber Fiber Glass Atomic bomb
Power Lawnmower Electric Can opener Plastic explosives Email
Remote controls Cable TV State wide lottery Solid state radios
More Than 3 TV Channels Health Foods Disrespect For Teachers The "ME" Attitude