Please read the THE BASICS first (in the drop down menu at the upper left which has over 350 topics). Then you can branch out and add many interesting things to your pages with Page Builder. Email Me if you have a question that you can't find the answer to here.

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If you made your web pages using PAGE WIZARD, you can edit the pages with Page Builder.

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Page Builder is a very powerful and easy tool for making a web page. It is easy to:

If this is your 1st time to my Page Builder help pages then please use the pull down menu at the upper left to find a topic that most closely represents the problem you are having. For example, if:

  1. you are have having difficulty using, changing, size, color, etc. of your text, then use the TEXT topic;

  2. your background has suddenly disappeared, then try BACKGROUND MISSING;

  3. you want to make a form using Page Builder, then please click on FORMS in the menu at upper left.

If you like my Page Builder Help Pages and find them useful, then please copy this graphic put this code on your page someplace:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" border=0></a>

It will look like this:

GeoCities has a new version of Page Builder available as of October, version 2.60.00/2.0. Here are the highlights of the advanced version of Page Builder:

  • Layer Support! - You can now create layer pages, i.e. elements can overlap each other. For example, by layering text over an image you can create clickable buttons.
  • Applet Caching! - PageBuilder can now be stored on your computer for faster loading - you will, however, still need to be online and logged into Yahoo! GeoCities.
  • Continued Support - All pages made with current Page Builder can be edited and modified with the new beta version.
  • Copy & Paste - You can now copy and paste text from a document outside Page Builder to within a file being edited with Page Builder!

Help Using Page Builder version 2.60.00/2.0

Page Builder 2.60.00/2.0, which came out in October , 2000, has several new features besides those mentioned above:

All the major changes have been incorporated into these help page. Over 32 files, both graphics and HTML , have been modified to reflect the major changes.

NOTE - if you get the Yahoo sign in screen, then sign in and use this link again. The link is:

Yahoo! Page Builder can be accessed here: PAGE BUILDER LOGIN. You can also use the Yahoo! Page Builder Tutorial.

Note: I have only scratch the surface of many topics. For more complete details on the topics you should check the Help in Page Builder or go to GeoCities' Help Chat to see if someone can help you there.

Although Page Builder will allow you to make a web page quickly and easily, it does have some problems, e.g. not loading, some functions may or may not work, etc. In addition, in order to use it to make web pages you have to be online and GeoCities has to be up and working. This is not always the case.

For the above reasons I strongly recommend the everyone learn how to make web pages using the HTML LANGUAGE. HTML is not that hard to use or learn. If you go to my tutorial, HTML TUTORIAL, for making web pages offline with a free html editor you will see just how easy it can be to learn and use.

In addition if you wish help with general web page building, please see MY HELP PAGES.

Here are two topics, not directly related to Page Builder, that may be of interest to all people that use the web.

Are you addicted to the use of Page Builder? Find out HERE! (a humorous look at those using Page Builder).

If you have any questions or comments about my help pages or tutorials, please send then to me using my email form.

My 300+ help pages should have just about all the Page Builder help topics you could want. If, however, you need help on a topic that is not covered here, please contact me by using the COMMENT/QUESTION FORM.

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After you have looked at the rest of the Introduction, you can continue on by reading about Downloading Page Builder or Learning The Basics.

Thank You,
Dave Thomson a.k.a. Wise Old Man

Having Trouble Loading Page Builder?
You are not alone! Many people have trouble loading Page Builder. Try this solution!

If Page Builder will not launch then this may be the problem!

There is one sure cure for all Page Builder problem - Do Not Use Page Builder! If you don't use Page Builder what can you use to make a web page? There are three solutions for making your web pages:

  1. Learn HTML and use WORDPAD, which comes with all Windows Operating Systems or a free HTML editor such as HTML-KIT.
  2. Use Front Page Express (which comes with Windows 95/98). Not recommended as very limited.
  3. Read about other editors you can use.

I recommend the 1st solution above. Learning and using HTML is not that hard. To see how easy it is to learn HTML and use it to make a nice web page, please see My Tutorial

Please read about using your own graphics or font with Page Builder. It will save you lots of problems in the future, especially with Data Transfer shut downs.

No Sub-Directories!
Page Builder can not edit files that are in a subdirectory of your file manager. So all your Page Builder files must be in the main File Manager.

On A Page Builder Made Page!
If you edit a Page Builder file with the Advanced Editor and later re-edit the file with Page Builder, you will most likely lose your changes done with the Advanced Editor and you probably will not be able to re-edit the page with Page Builder.

You can use Page Builder to work on pages created with the old, defunct GeoBuilder. The file, however, MUST HAVE AN EXTENSION of html.

You can convert any file with the extension of htm to html by using the RENAME function in your File Manager.

Many of the people coming to my Page Builder Help Pages have requested that I include a method to make drop down menus. Prior to the new release (Nov. 2000) Page Builder, this was a complicated process. Now, however, it is easy. See DROP DOWN MENU.

GeoCities Is Now cASe SenSiTIve!
All files in GeoCities, including yours, are now case sensitive, i.e. the file MyPage.HTML is not the same file as mypage.html.

RECOMMENDATION: Use all lower case for all files, web pages, graphics, music and sounds.

Computer Security!
You can make your PC relatively save by using FREE software the makes it a stealth PC, i.e. hackers can't tell if your PC is online!

This free program, ZONEALARM, from ZoneLabs, is well worth the small effort to download and install it.

Spyware - Beware!
Do you know that you may have programs on your PC that, whenever you are connected to the web, report back to some unknown source what you are doing on the web, what sites you visit and, perhaps, what ads you click on?