There are two kinds of offline editors, you don't have to be connected to the web to use them. that you use on your PC, WYSIWYG and HTML. With these editors you make you pages and store the files on your PC's hard drive. Then, after testing them to make sure they display like you want them to, you upload them and any associated files, like graphics, to your web site. For more details on uploading, please see FTP or UPLOAD FILES in the menu above.

  1. WYSIWYG- What You See Is What You Get, which means you don't have to know HTML to make web pages. You can move things around on the edit screen and just concentrate on designing your page. Please note that some free WYSIWYG editor don't allow you to drag objects around the screen. The most powerful such editors cost money, sometimes lots of money. For example Dreamweaver costs $399. You can also purchase Microsoft's Front Page for about $100 and up from many online sites.

    Free WYSIWYG Editors - Most people will tend to use WYSIWYG editors as they don't wish to take the time to learn HTML or they think learning the language is beyond their ability. If you are one of these people look at these editors.

    You can also find many good WYSIWYG editors by going to either DOWNLOAD.COM or GOOGLE.COM and searching for FREE WYSIWYG EDITOR. Also, see for Free Web Page editors.

  2. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language, which is like a computer programming language but it is used to make web pages.

    In my opinion, the best FREE HTML editor is HTML-KIT. To read about this editor, please click on: HTML-KIT.

    Three other very good free HTML editors are


All HTML tags, which tell a browser how to display the page, are denoted by <name>, where name is something like TITLE, IMG, etc. Most HTML TAGS have both a beginning and ending tag, which is just the same name but with / preceding the name, e.g. <TITLE>....</TITLE> to allow the browser to know when to start using the tag to format the output on the screen and when to stop the output, e.g. bold text. Here are some examples with the HTML tags shown in RED

I recommend that you take some time to learn HTML. It really is not that hard to do. You can try these tutorials: