PAGE BUILDER ADDICTION Pronounced p-age Bu-ild-er ad-dic-tion. Not be confused with Front Page syndrome
Page builder Addiction cases began to be seen shortly after GeoCities was purchased by Yahoo! and Yahoo! replaced the poorly designed GeoBuilder with a new and insidious program called Page Builder. It sometime can be caused by a related affliction, newbieitis.

DEFINITION - A mental state of one who has been seduced by easy use of Page Builder to make a simple web page on the first or second try. Generally, onset appears soon after this when the program will not launch or they try to add other codes using the Advanced Editor. People with this addiction are simply unable to stop using the program even when things start to go bad.

SYMPTOMS - A belief that Page Builder is THE PROGRAM for making web pages. Once addicted, they can't believe that the program will not work and blame this fault entirely on themselves or believe their computer is malfunctioning rather than because it is the fault of the program. Additional symptoms are:

TREATMENT - Similar to the treatment of those who have newbieitis, kindness, understanding, and patience. If you treat them gently, most can be weaned away from Page Builder by the gradual introduction to HTML, especially in small doses.

In the rare case where the affliction can not be removed, you may suggest that they visit the Page Builder Help Clinic (these help pages) so that they may deal with their problem and conduct a somewhat normal existence on the internet.