Making web pages with Page Builder (PB) is fairly simple as it is a point & click type of program, i.e. you don't need to know the HTML language. You simply click on icons representing the object you wish to put on your page. Then when the object, such as a text box, appears, you type in the text and click OK. The objects that can be used are:

Once you have your first page made you should save it as index. This file, index (actually it will be named index.html when you save it), is the main entrance to your home page in GeoCities. GeoCities gives everyone who signs up for a free home page a standard home page. You need to replace it with one of your own design. To learn how to use your own index page please see index.html.

When designing a home page your should not crowd all subjects and graphics/photographs on one page. Rather, make the main page with links to other pages. For example, if you are talking about your family, then you could have links on the main page to each family member or your pets. To make more pages, see NEW PAGE

The first thing you will do in making a web page is put TEXT and GRAPHICS on a page. Details on how to do this are explain in the topics, TEXT and GRAPHICS, in the drop down menu at the upper left.

The Rule of Thumb for web pages is, "The more graphics on a page, the slower the page will load.". Why is this important? Because the longer it takes for a web page to load, the more impatient the surfer becomes and will tend to lose interest and, perhaps, go on to another page, i.e. "SURFERS DON'T LIKE TO WAIT!".

The key to a good web page is lots of text and few graphics. If the graphic is "small", i.e. say less than 10K bytes, then you can use more of them. Newbies (new people on the web) tend to put large graphics on their pages, ones that are large both in screen size and file size. For example, a graphic that is about 1/6 the size of the screen and over 75K bytes. So, when making your page, try to limit the amount of graphics on each page by making more pages with few graphics on them and then link between the various pages.

NOTE The Page Builder blank page you will be working on is somewhat limited in size. This size can easily be changed by using the PAGE PROPERTIES.

To get started on making your web page you will need to look at these five topics:

After you have mastered putting TEXT, LINKS, and PICTURES on a page, you can then branch out and add many other things to your page.

To get started working with Page Builder CLICK HERE to see how to launch Page Builder.