If you would like to start up Page Builder while reading my help pages, then click here to start Page Builder up in a new window.

Once you have SAVE your file and exited Page Builder or Page Wizard, you will, sometime in the future, want to change what you originally put on your page. This is easy to do with Page Builder:

  1. Start up Page Builder. When Page Builder loads, it may or may not display the file you want to edit displayed.

  2. Page You Want Is Shown - If the page you wish to edit is shown, then make the changes you wish and SAVE it again.

    NOTE: due to Page Builder sometimes not saving a page, I recommend that you make a few small changes and then save the page. Make more small changes again and save. DO NOT MAKE ALL YOUR CHANGES AND THEN SAVE!

  3. Page You Want Is NOT SHOWN! - the page you wish to edit is not shown, click on the OPEN ICON in the toolbar.


There are several ways you can modify your page. The first thing you have to do is highlight (left click on the object such as text, link, graphic). Then you can:

  1. Delete the object - such as text, link, graphics etc.
  2. Move the object - drag it to a new position. The cursor will look like a plus sign with arrow heads.
  3. Change A Link URL - click on the LINK ICON.
  4. Change The Text - click on the MODIFY ICON.
  5. Change The Object's Size - position your cursor over one of the small blocks at the mid-point or corners of the object and drag toward middle or outwards.