1. Hardly anyone can or will help you if you have a problem.

  2. It may not launch, especially on weekends with traffic is heavy.

  3. It may not save your work, in which case you will have to do it over again.

  4. You have to be ONLINE to use it rather than making pages offline on your PC and uploading.

  5. You may have trouble previewing your page, i.e. it will look one way in preview but different when you actually go to the page.

  6. The page size is automatically set and may limit the amount of text and graphics you can put on a page.

  7. You have to, somehow, backup your pages on your PC as if they are "missing" in your file manager there is no way to get them back.

  8. You are limited in using HTML, Javascript, and CSS on your pages.

  9. The fonts you can use are limited.

  10. It is difficult to use TABLES on your pages as they are made with HTML.

It is recommended that you begin to learn and use HTML. It is not that hard and there are many, many tutorials you can learn from: