Many Page Builder users have this problem so you are not alone. The most current method of resolving this problem is as follows:

  1. Uninstall any Pop-Up Ad program,

  2. and then set your browser's security settings as low as possible.

I have no idea if this works but I assume it does as many people have tried it and reported that it works. But, there is the concern about the browser security settings and that I can not address. It is up to you to determine what you do with your PC.

I do recommend that you get away from using Page Builder. You should be making your web pages on your PC because you:

  1. will always have a backup of your pages.
  2. don't have to be online to make your pages.
  3. will find that many more people can help you with your web page problems.

You can read the write ups of several types of editors at FREE EDITORS. I recommend that you begin to learn and use HTML even though you think that it is too hard for you to learn. Many, many people have learned HTML and they all agree that it is not as hard to learn and use as they first thought.

Here are several excellent sources for learning HTML:

And you can always email me with your HTML and web page questions.