The Wizard Page Builder is a very simple way to make very simple pages as it uses pre-made templates. But these templates are rigid in that you can not change how they look, just what photos and text can be used.

The Wizard doesn't allow the use of a guestbook, web rings, banners, JavaScript, or special HTML codes. If you need these type of things on your page(s), then your must the Page Builder.

You can make a photo album by clicking Photo Pages under the Featured Themes on the right hand side of the main Page Wizard page. Up to eight photos can be put on a page.

Wizard will use any photo file you have on your PC but it will force all photos to be a certain size, i.e. a maximum width of 232 pixels. This means that any photos that has a width higher than 232 pixels will result in the a higher rate of data transfer. This could cause your site to be periodically shut down for an hour.

You can make very simple pages with Page Wizard. Any page you make with the Wizard can be edited so you can change things or add some new things to the page. To see how to edit a previously made page, please see EDIT PAGE.

Please go through the Template Basics to have a better comprehension of what Wizard is and how it works.

You can go directly to Wizard HERE or you get to the Wizard by going to GeoCities' Home Page and clicking on the link to the Wizard under the BUILD YOUR OWN WEB SITE.

When Wizard loads you can "launch" Wizard by click on the link:

Once you have created a Wizard page it will be on your web site after you save it (see Saving Your Page). Then, as you get more familiar with using online editors, you can edit this page with Page Builder, a more powerful editor which is a WYSIWYG ( "What You See Is What You Get"). With this editor you can add HTML, Javascript, and other special things (see My Page Builder Help Pages).

The best method for making web pages is, and always will be, using a either WORDPAD or NOTEPAD offline (you are not connected to the web) or a free HTML editor, such as HTML BUILDER 20. Working offline with HTML tags allows you to:

  1. Create and test your web page faster and easier.
  2. Always have a backup in case something happens to your page online.
  3. Not be connected to the web to work on your page(s).
  4. Display change quickly.
  5. Learn new web page building techniques.
  6. Add Javascript to your pages.
  7. Add Dynamic HTML to your pages.

If the above encourages you to follow the offline editing path, then use my HTML TUTORIAL.

If you have any questions or comments about my help pages or tutorials, please send then to me using my email form.