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Copyright © 1999 - 2006 Dave Thomson, Anderson, SC

Details submitted on contact forms and emails are never stored/used online or offline in any form without your authorization. You will not be contacted again unless a reply is requested or necessary.

Details posted to my guestbook are available to the public and such posts should only contains details you wish to post therein. I do not support any person or persons taking details submitted to the guestbook in order to add such data to their database, nor do I distribute your data.

At my choice, and with a valid reason, I may edit data posted to my guestbook. I will, at times, add my own comments to a guestbook post but it will be clearly noted that the additional comments are mine. The Guestbook logs IP addresses and stores them privately and I am the only one that can see them. I don't use this information in any form.

If you have any questions/comments regarding my privacy policy, please contact me.