Compiled From Original Scrapbooks Of

Lawrence Tracy Thomson, Ruth Parker Thomson and David McCullough Thomson


David McCullough Thomson, August, 2001


This scrapbook contains photographs of the Thomson family from 1903 to the present although the present photographs are few. It includes photographs from the scrapbooks of Ruth Parker Thomson (my mother), Lawrence Tracy Thomson (my dad), and me.

My parents had three boys, which seems to be a Thomson tradition as just about all the Thomson men have all boys as offsprings. My two brothers, all older than me are Tom, four years older than me, and Jim, 14 months older than me. My brother Tom died in the late 1990s in Mexico where he lived in retirement. Jim current is retired and lives with his wife, Jan, and their youngest son Daren in Traverse City, Michigan. My wife, Jeanne, and I are retired and living in Anderson, South Carolina.

Each of my parent's scrapbooks has a small introduction and, in addition, each section (I call them books) in each scrapbook has a narrative that describes each page within the book in more detail than the description under each photograph. My scrapbook generally has the description of the photographs on the page rather then in the photographs.

My dad, Lawrence Thomson, loved to take photos and he accumulated quite a few through the years. His nickname was Cotton due to the extremely light colored hair he had as a young man. A few of the photographs are blurred and some may not be the greatest scenery but he did enjoy taking them and then mounting them in his scrapbooks. These scrapbooks may only be of interest to the Thomsons and their off-springs, but anyone can view the books and see a bit of history. Some sectionS, e.g. my Year On The Road In Our Motor Home has some outstanding photographs of both USA and Canadian National Park, all of which were taken by my wife, Jeanne.

Only about 50% of the photographs in the original scrapbooks are reproduced here. I hope you enjoy this photo scrapbook of the Thomson and Parker families and your "walk back through history" as my parent's scrapbooks begin in the early 1900s, about 1903 to be exact.

Please click on one of our photographs below.

As of September 9, 2001, these scrapbooks contain over 1,000 photographs. Most of the photographs are under 50K in size. Each page normally has 12 photographs, which may take as long as 2 minutes to fully load if you are using a 56K dial-up modem.

my Mom
About herself and her family with photographs that begin when she was born in 1903 to and continue on through 1921. Also there is a page on the Erie County, Ohio, history that discusses her Dad, Dr. J.D. Parker.

my Dad
Dad has a lot of photographs from the 1930s to the 1990s. There is also a partial family tree. Dad enjoyed many vacations in Leland, Michigan with Moms' brother, Watson, and his family so he has lots of vacation photographs.
My scrapbooks are broken down into:

  • High School - 1944 - 1950
  • Michigan State College - Basketball & Sigma Nu Fraternity - 1950 - 1954
  • The Army - Puerto Rico & Panama - 1954 - 1956
  • Ohio State University - Graduate School in mathematics - 1960 - 1965
  • Photographs that Jeanne and I have taken of our life together since 1979,
  • Our year long exploration of the United States, Canada, and Alaska, in our motor home in 1991-1992.
  • Sam, our 1st cat who we rescued from the sewer in front of our Columbus, Ohio home in 1985. Sam is gone now but he will never be forgotten.
  • A chronicle of the building of our home in Anderson, SC.
  • A 6 day golf trip to Scotland with my nephew, Bob.
  • A 3 week visit to friends in Germany.
  • Memories of my life, short stories.
There are only a few photographs here for Jim.
For some strange reason there just are not many photographs of Tom in our parent's scrapbook. So this is a collection of those photographs for those who are intereted in reading about Tom and seeing some of his photographs.
Here you can read (.pdf files) about the ancestory of the Thomsons. There is a record going back to 1691 in Wexford, Ireland, 1630 in Loundonderry, and 1581 in Lincolnshire.

My thanks to my brother, Jim, who kindly loaned me our parent's many scrapbooks so I could put together this record.

All photographs and text are covered by copyright, 2001-2003. Use of photographs without the express permission of a Thomson family member is strictly prohibited.