The Giant Redwoods is a wonderful and peaceful place! Jeanne is standing in front of the Big Tree, which is 304 feet tall, 21.6 feet in diameter, and it is estimated to be some 1,500 years old. The "walk-thru-tree" is unique as it was made by nature unlike the one that was cut so that cars could drive through it. There are so many trails that you can take it is almost impossible to see them all over several days.

We leave the Redwood Forrest and BenBow area to head for the coast on route 101. The 1st 20 miles or so on 101 to the coast are uneventful and no scenery but that changes dramatically upon reaching the coastline.

We arrive at San Francisco but the Golden Gate Bridge is fogged in although we wait over five hours for it to clear. We continue on to the Monterey Peninsula where for $6 you can drive through it and see the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course.

The 18th hole at Pebble Beach is the most famous golf hole in the world. A few years after this photograph was taken, the huge pine tree guarding the right side of the 18th hole (middle tree) had to be taken down and replaced.

Being on the west coast of the USA we did get to see many great sunsets. We stopped in LaJolla to see my uncle, James, and his wife. This tree in the harbor area just begged to have its photograph taken.

San Diego is a great city to visit and we took advantage of its world famous zoo. On the left is a type of wild cat and on the right is a koala.