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Where Are These People From?

I've been a loyal browser since 2000, and I can't tell you how much you helped me in all my websites. Every time someone asks me how I learned to do stuff I tell them "go to , he knows everything. And what he doesn't know he knows how to find." I can't sing your praises high enough! You've made geocities a snap (as much as they can be anyway). But now I have a real challenge for you: GoDaddy. That is the worse site I've ever seen for making things hard. Any enlightenment you can shed on the workings of how to manage your host/domain sites would be very helpful.
Thanks again for always being there for me :-)

Thank you very much... it did correct was i was seeing.... I really aprecite taking the time to help me out... I wrote to geocities... they ask me permision to enter my web page... but they are taking to long to aswer me... but i do not need geocities help... I have you... bye

I thank u very very much indeed.With my insufficient english your help pages made me to build my web page.I found what i looking for in your web page in the labirents of internet for days.My best wishes 4u.
Dear Mr. Thomson:

Thank you very much for making the time to create such a valuable resource! You've undoubtedly helped thousands of people. I know that I've dipped into your Javascript pages time and again and have found them to be very informative.



You've been a tremendous help to me. Your previous suggestions have all been "right on"! Great help pages too.


Dear Sir,

thank you so much, it worked!!! :-) I could never imagine it's so easy :-) Now I can re-do all other pages on my site as well, in much better, non-random way.

I really appreciate your help, as always. Anyway, those pages exist only thanks to you, because it was your tutorial that tought me how to write HTML, and your always-ready answers when I didn't know what to do myself.

So thank you a lot once again!


Hi: You are a life saver. I am a beginner to web design and my graphics would not load on the web server. Once I removed the spaces(just as you said) wow it was wonderful. I could have jumped for joy thank you for your help

Sydney Australia

I am SO glad I found this site. You would not believe how helpful you have been.
This is awesome! You have been a big help explaining in layman terms things I was trying figure out for years! Keep up the good work!


Great site I hope to be able to build a site as good as yours. Thanks Dave
Hi Ye Wise Old Man.

First may I say that I was directed to your site from the chat page of Geocities when I had dropped in with a queery. I have found your site to be absolutely fantastic and have just found out how to make an image map and it is soo easy when you explain it.

Thank you very much. I must say I really like your HTML help site, its really nice to have a resource like that on the web.

Once again, thank you. Kyle.

I swear you have taught me everything I know about HTML, PSP, graphics and general computer information! I thank you so much for putting things down so a "normal" person can understand it, thus proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Thank you.
Hey man, first and foremost I want to thank you for having a site like this. I can't possibly imagine all the work it was and still is, but if it wasn't for people like you, people like me would be lost in the world of thanks.

thanks man--you have more info here than Geocities themselves!! i couldn't find their phone number for the life of me. you saved me

Thank you SO MUCH for the time and effort you have contributed to your wonderful site. I'm finding answers to questions I've had for ages! I can't believe it took so long to find your site, and I will certainly share it with others.

Mary Lee

Wow, what an informative site. It had everything I needed to make my web site come together!!!!
Thank God I found your website. Keep up the good work!
I would just like to thank you for all the hard work you put into these pages. I have been using them for over 5 years and made my knowledge of html possible. I never took the time to give you a much needed thank you until now. Please continue the good work so that everyone will have a great place to go to learn html, and to expand their knowledge.

Thanks again, Peter

Just thought I'd send you a quick note to let you know how much your site has helped me to learn html. I started visiting your site in 2001 when I got sick of what geocities pagebuilder had to offer me. I now have two sites of my own, and whenever I run into any problems your site is the first one that I visit! Thanks for putting together such a great site! Tanya
Thanks for referring me (from Geocities Help chat) to your pages which answered a simple query I had about Page Builder - I was able to solve my problem quickly and without further head scratching and frustration.
Your site is fantastic, thanks a lot.


Hello again, Thank you so much! I looked at your lessons and rebuilt my Purchase Items page, and now it looks much better AND it works! I'm going to do a lot more with it, too. Thanks again for all your help. PS - my 12-year-old son saw the HTML kit on my desktop, and now he's learning too!


I'd just really like to thank you for all of your wonderful work you have done to create this site, which has been an invaluable resource to me over the years. I discovered the wise old man pages several years ago, and through extensive reading and re-reading, i have not only learned HTML extensively (i have finally made some money for fooling around building web pages =P) but also the beginnings of several other programming languages such as perl, C++, and C#. Your work is not unappreciated, and i marvel at how much time and energy you spent creating this very awsome well of knowlege. Thank you.

-an inspired user of your sites

Thanks a bunch for all of your advice!! Your page is by far the best help freindly page I have ever seen! Keep up the great are helping alot of folks out..Thanks again...Mark
First i would like to say thank you so very much for the helpful site you have created..Its awesome!Best HELP page Ive seen on the WEB period. In any case I have been trying to add a java script SLIDESHOW to my web page for months now to no avail, I have followed your steps to the core and have yet to establish a working slide with my images.I have copied and pasted all HTML codes and changed images to my uploaded ones and the boxes appear with the red X and nothing comes up on the saved page...can you please give me a little more insight to what i may be doing wrong...I am a novice HTML and JAVA user and this is one of my first hurdles i am trying to climb, I have tried flash as well and nothing comes up on my saved pages exept blanks..PLEASE HELP.. a future webmaster out in JERSEY!
Hi! I just wanted to write and thank you so very much for writing back regarding my website. I was really desperate for help. Received your E-mail on Monday morning and then completely revamped what I'd done,and I'm relieved to say I have it posted on Yahoo (this afternoon).Midnight tonight was the FINAL DEADLINE, so I made it and had plenty of time to review for typos, and check out the function of the site which works just great! I'm sure my professor will also appreciate it! Again, thank you very much. I did take a very basic HTML class last year but was unable to finish it and think I'll take your advice on getting out my book and learning the code so I can design my own site.I have a better understanding now. This site is wonderful and I shall be using it for quite some time.! Happy Halloween! Georgia.
I would just like to say how much i appreciate the work you have put in to help other people in the general web-desinging area. I remember talking to you on a Geocites help-chat and visiting your website over 4 years ago. Back then i was only 10 years old and you always managed to answer my questions with the most amazing amount of detail. Without your fantastic website and help i would never of managed to get up the current understanding that i have now of Computers and the internet.

Keep up the great work WOM and please by all means use this in the comments/what people say page.

Thanks again for everything you've done.

I find your site to be the best page builder tutorial ever made. I even supply a link to it on my yahoo site.

But it sure is hard to get your web site to load. I usually have to try to connect to it three or four times before it will display. But once I'm in everything works perfectly. I don't know why the problem exists but I do know it is well worth my time to keep trying.

Thanks wise-old-man for your help.

NOTE: Many people have asked me about this problem and I can find no reasonable explanation for it.

thank you for all your help... your site has helped me with at least 5 things on pagebuilder thank you!!!
Thank you very much. I have had an uphill battle with tables for a couple of months now and thanks to you, I mastered them. I would like to invite you to check out check out my webpage that I worked so hard on: Once again, I would like to thank you and keep doing what your doing.
Thank you so much for the info on how to have links without underlines, you've saved my life and my webpage! mwah!! xxxx
Thanks alot for pointing me in the right direction. After all teh running aroung i finally found a site that is helpful, useful and directed to Page Builder. For so long i have searched for solutions to my numerous problems in page builder until they all became solved with this genious site. Thanks again!


^.^ Thank you bunches! *runs up and gives you a big hug* I have been to countless sites that have attempted to explain something and get it through my blonde little head, but couldn't do it. You succeeded where they failed. You're content and info is so easy to find and your site is so easy to navigate! Thanks for taking the times and effort to put together this wonderful site!

Hugs 'n Hersheys,


I hate to congragulate u. Your site has helped me incredibly big. Thanks a lot.
Hi: I am taking an HTML online course from I did "sorta" okay up to lesson #9 "FRAMES". I just couldn't get it, they are very tough to understand the concept.

I was put onto your site from a chatter at Yahoo. I read over the information first then I went back to my lesson, my frames didn't work correctly the first time but it was my fault and because your information was so easy to understand I was able to pick out my mistake, correct it and my frames worked perfectly.

Thanks. Carol

I find your website soooo useful and I just want to say thank you! It's the best tutorial site I've ever been to, and let me tell you, I've been to plenty!