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Well Wise I have to tell you I have been going to many sites for the past years learning web designs and html scripting for my sites. Your site is the only one I ever come back too. I have been using ur help for many years and I would like to say THANK YOU! Right now I am learning php scripting and out of every site I went too yours was the easiest to understand I finally learned how to do cool things with the forms and I learned a lot about variables with your help. I also have become a pro web designer and html scripter! Now it's time to work on my PHP. THANK YOU VERY MUCH WISE!

Awesome! Wise-Old-Man is my number one place to go for HTML questions. Great Job and keep up the good work!


Thank You for building this wonderful website which greatly helped me in building my website. It was so easy to use.

It is scary that so much knowledge is inside one man's head!

Once again,,,,I found the answer to my questions here!

Just wanted to say what a great site this is. I forgot how to edit messages in my guest book, went to chat help and someone gave me your link. It has now been added to my favourites and I pass it on to others.
I have been using your index for a long time and it has inspired me to do a lot of things for my website. I find by using your pull down menu , I get the answers a whole lot quicker than any other website, even the site that are really large.

I only ask you to do one thing. If you could add a site search engine to your site , that would give a surfer (Like Me) a lot more power than we already have. Your index with pull-menus are very prompt, but I still can't find things that I know I have seen here before.

I can't go on to list all the things that I need to see, I don't have too many problems with your site.(I kinda like the purple background and the (New Globe Addition)). I am just getting into javascript and it would help if you would do this so if I need to find something in the future I would be able to find it quicker.

<Thanx, from the Manx, Jazzy !>

I used your Frames tutorial which is the first one to actually correctly show me how to add frames THANKS!!!!!
I can't believe how simple that was with your step by step help. I had to laugh at myself. It's not many who take the time to give this kind of assistance, thank you, oh wise one, for all you have done. You have NO IDEA how valued this was!

Again thanks, and you deserve a hero cookie!

I am not having a problem...just wanted you to know that I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! I did put a link to your site on my site because it is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it.


You really are a total genius. Your help pages are SO CLEAR, SO CONCISE and SO EASY TO FOLLOW. Thanks a million, I could never have done it without you. Yes, I'm still wrestling with problems, but at least I know where to find the answers.

But there is one thing you haven't told us: 'If you can explain things so an ordinary person can understand them - why can't Yahoo! and all those help books I've spent a fortune on?'

Thanks again!


It was so clear and easy!!! I'm such a computer dummy but even I understood it!! Thanks!! Do you mind If i put your link on my site? THANKS AGAIN!! Thank You So much,

I spend time searching through tons of websites, trying to find html codes for certain stuff, but alot of times i cant find it, and I like a site where i can send an email to the webmaster and actually get a responce within that day! I use your site now for all my html needs.

Again thanks alot, you play a great role in the html for my site.

You do a wonderful job answering questions in the geo chat room! Your site is excellent. I have recommended it my friends when they ask about creating websites and finding a host.

Take Care, Janet

Thank u wiseoldman, I've been using ur website a s a guide for 4 years now. its undoubtedly the best tutorial i've ever used in my life.i've learned so much from ur website. u truly are wise.
I love this love love it! do you have a banner or some image that I could use as a link to put on my site?
found ur help pages MOST useful...(i've only scratched the surface).... keep finding other thing in there that interest me....first got in contact with u through page builder chat help...all i wanted to know was how to cut and paste in page builder and i find i am now stuck on your site finding out how to do this and that...i think ur help pages are excellent...ta very much....(u arent into golfing by any chance????)..bye
Thank you so very much for the information you had on indenting paragraphs (text) on your website. In the Geocities Page Wizzard they had no such information. I had been working for two days to make the page listings and page links on my home page webpages be evenly spaced from top to bottom. I made the code fairly easily that straightened them all up, but then they were all stuck all the way to the left of the screen. Not any longer, thanks to you.
Darryl W.
Am in the process of reconstruction my website which was previously on Homestead. I decided to use the Geocities Site Builder free version, but will upgrade to a better package soon. Been at this website stuff for about 2 years and as everyone knows, finding an answer to a problem can sometimes be impossible. I've dealt with many help files/sites and I must say that your website is by far the best on the net. "Awsome" to say the least! We may have lost the war, but your website is living proof that us "Southern Boys" can kick it where it hurts:) Thank you for a truly outstanding tutorial. HR (Sam) Snead, Retired SMSgt, Lutz, Fl.

Thank you. I will try your suggestions when i get the chance to work on my site some more and get back to you. I would also like to compliment you in the fact that almost every question i've had regarding building webpages i've found a understandable solution on your site. I've learned a lot from your site. I hope your able to keep your site up and running for many years to come.

I just wanted to thank you for making this website, ive know about for about a year now..when i started to make websites. Your useful topics have helped me with those "late night problems" and have helped to make my website better.

Thank You A LOT!,
Seth Reeser

I am just typing this message to say "well done job" for having such a site. I am only fortunate to have went into chat room and got this website. It is now on my favorite folder.

I'll send you email another time. Bye.

Dave, you are a TOTAL genius! Thank you!!! I guess I'll just have to stick with the button to close the window... THANKS SO MUCH!!!

This site rocks! I have allways wanted to learn html-coding and this is absolutely marvelous, this is. My hands itch to try to make one myself. Better get started. Tankyou!


There was a problem that I had, but your website helped me immensly! (With drop down menus) THANK YOU! I will be adding a link to your site from mine. I thank you again!
Mandy M - Toronto Canada
hi, i just wanted to say that i love your site. it's helped me understand html and do so much on my site. plz keep up the good work cause i love this site.


I Just thought i would e-mail to say how good your site is, its helped me alot

Thank You

Hi Dave,

thanks for your help. It was very useful to me! I also want to give my compliments about your site. Everytime I got any problem with Pagebuilder I go to your site that solves my problems.


I don't have a specific question for you right now but want to give you a great big "HUG" and thank you. I signed on to the so-called member help site tonight. I did not have a question at first but watched as others did and received smart-aleck answers from some so-called members helpers. very disheartening. If I had half of the info that you do, I would most certainly be proud to share it. Thanks again!!!
I would like to say this is the best help site I have ever seen! I am bookmarking it and going to use it again and again when asked the same simple questions when people need help. You have a wonderful site there.
I only wanted to say thank you very much for your help :) I don't think you remember me cuz u probably answer 1000 questions a day hehe. Thank you anyway. Your site is awesome, I could find here everything I was searching for desparately.

Good Luck man!

Thanx for this lovely site full of vital information on HTML coding.It has been really helpful to me as a Y! Geocities member.

I just love it! And I think it becomes one of my favorite HTML resource.


I found your site one of the most usefull pages on the internet. I have never done web page design and now know how to do a table. You site is also very nice looking.
Thank you
pece out
Dear Dave (Wise Old Man),

About a year ago, I started a little website on Geocities using their Pagebuilder. I was having so many problems with it that I went to the Geocities chat and sought help. I believe you were actually available at that time in the chat room and you convinced me to learn HTML rather than trying to use the builders. Sooo, with your advice, I went to your site, printed all your tutorials and made myself a booklet.

Now I'm happy to say that I have my own small website design business! I'm fortunate enough to have a brother who does web promotions and marketing so he gives me the referrals I need to get my business growing. I just want to thank you for your advice. If I ever run into anyone who wants to learn the code themselves, I'll be sure to send them your way!

Thanks for everything,


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your site! It has helped me sooo much, everything from deleting pages I no longer need to making a scroll list. Thank you!


This is just what the computer "Doctor" ordered ! Thank You. A "not so expert" on computers but with your help, I will be ! thanks a whole bunch
Hiya Dave,

Rach from England here.Just landed on your Page Builder help pages and thank you very much for them.I'm in the process of building my webpage and I've found some answers to many of the problems I'm having on them .

Many thanks again

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and advice. I was so afraid to try to use html, until I talked to you. I went out and bought a book called "Creating Web Pages With HTML" by IDG Books From Maran Graphics. The book explained how to do forms and a lot more and was very easy to understand. What it didn't explain your help pages did, and what I couldn't find there you helped me with. My web site finally works the way that I want it to and I owe it all to coffee, prozak and you. Thank you for everything. Would it be alright if I put a link to your site on my home page? Thanks again for everything.
Thank you soooo much your site is the best. I'm starting a new internet site and i had a lot of questions....untill your site came up! I jus wanted to say thanks!
Thanks For all your help. This has to be the best site ever. I NEVER thought I would be able to learn HTML but now with your site, I m able to almost anything I want with my site. Geocities should pay you for being such a great help. Thanks again.
I just wanted to say that i think this page is awesome... no need to reply and waste your time, i just thought you should know that i really like your site... i'm moving my site to topcities soon, so when i do i will ad your banner.
I really found your site to be quite informative, and easy to follow. Although I haven't quite got my site up and running, I'm feeling a lot more condident now. Thanks.