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I caught you in the geocities chat/help room yesterday and asked a question about frames and you gave me the link to your site. THANK YOU!! This is the most informative and helpful site I have ever came across!! Your help is so simple and clear that even someone like me can follow and get it right the first time. I have been running in circles trying to make this work and after one day you have made it work for me! Thanks again and I will be spending alot of time on your help pages!! Yahoo!Geocities needs to have a link directly to your pages! A++++ site

I would just like to thank you for HTML Tutorial. It has helped me immensely. I never thought I could learn HTML. Your site seems to make it so easy. Although, I still don't know everything. I always check your site to learn anything I need to know. Thank you so much. I think that it is very kind and genrous of you to have these pages available to us. Have a great day.


Thank you very much for your answer on Geocities. I apologize for the delay in getting back with you but I want you to know that your web pages were a fantastic help. At least I know it is not my form making abilities even if I am using a WYSISYG Editor (dreamweaver 3), and that the problem lies with Geocities.

Thanks again for your help

I would like to thank you alot for your help pages the helped me learn html. And while I looked for a frame codes from other sites they didn't work and didn't explain them but yours did thanks!


Thank you, wise old man. I'll put a comment somewhere in my source. Hope you're having a nice day.

ps. your website is very informative and easy to use

hi ;)

wow! so much sites with help. first i didn't find anything and now so so muc. it is really a help for me. thanx a lot. now i can try and make experiments with my homepage.

greetings from germany


your site was extremely helpful! i found out what to do. i just thought i'd let you know that you were a great help and i will refer your name to others. thanks again,


I've been working on a web page, and have added pictures. I wish to disable the right click (so someone can't "copy, take, etc" the pictures.) I've tried adding a script to the add-ons, or going through the Advanced HTML page to add the script between the "Head", but nothing works. I used PB to make the web page. I've seen others have the disable right click on their page (which is where I got the script from). AND Wow I can't believe how much info you have here - it's great!
Your site is excellent! I will be referring to it often and also wish to thank you for the offer of assistance. I'll keep that in mind - that's very kind of you. I promise to try not to be a pest though! I'm one of these self taught so tutorials and help on websites is all I have to learn by. Thanks for such a wonderful service to the likes of myself! An old,


: First of all I would like to thank you for making your tutorial available. I have been wanting to put "Pop Up" windows on my home page for a while and FINALLY did thanks to your tutorial. Now I am playing with the Javascript more and more and making tables and changing colors =) My current project is the scrolling text. Can you please give me the exact code to use for scrolling text?
This is a great site. There is all the help I need here. Also, in geo-chat I find excellent help. Thanks msbock
Dear Dave

Many thanks for all your help. Seems geocities have sorted out their problem now and all is ok for the time being!

Your site is great and very helpful. If I have any problems in the future, I know where to go for answers, if you don't mind! (at least you get back to me which is more than I can say for geocities!)


You truly are a wise old man!! Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question!! I think, given the info you've provided, that I can take care of what is ailing me! I wish I could return the favor - I'd like to put the wizard icon from your website onto my new web site once I sit down and create a new one. Thanks again for helping me, I really really appreciate it!!!!
A very helpful site....a big thanks from me :)
I really like your site. I had no idea HTML could be so easy to learn.I've been having a great time using the information on your site.
I'd first like to say, I LOVE your site it has been a life saver!
just like to say thanks a lot for your help, its great that youre here to offer such easy-to-understand and well-set-out troubleshooting solutions! Are you getting paid for this? i should seriously hope so!!
Congrats on the site, its so much easier to get info here then from yahoo help.
That worked! I'm surprised you replied so quickly. Keep up the good work, and I love your site!
thank you so much your page did come up when i tried again, it is one of the best i have found, i was about to give up, but you explained everything so well i can't thank you enough, i hope you don't mind if i contact you again if necessary, sincerely joleen
your page is great!!!!!!!!!! speak to you soon on yAhoo !!!!!!!!!!! thanks MILES
Thanks for your help yesterday. This is a wonderful site. and is very helpful for me. Thanks again.
First of all I want to say I love your site, it has taught me html which is a very usefull skill. I am just wondering how able you would be able to take your begginers tutorial and make a zip file that would be a self contained copy of your site. This way people wouldn't have to be online all the time. A java tutorial site. Just a suggestion. Your doing a great job.


I wish I had stumbled on toyou a long time ago. You are the best thing to happen to me since I found cheesecake. Thanks, everything is going to be so helpful, maybe now I can make a good webpage that people will enjoy and I will be proud to send them to. Thanks Thanks Thanks
I liked your page vary much. I find most of the imformation on your site to be real helpful. Keep up the great work.
Hi Dave,

I am flabbergasted at the detail of your Tutorial. I have been copying & pasting as both text file and .HTML file for sorting and later viewing.

Of the hints.Tips and Procedures I have seen so far I believe that anyone who is thinking of 'going on the Internet' with a web page, should look and learn here first!!

One bothersome Link . . . The d/l link for the GIF Construction Set - animation - is best used if the first link example is used only. The second example takes one to CNet and X-Drives and d/l sites that either do not work or lead one to a Navigation Cancelled page.

Other than that small hiccup, this is the best 4 hours I have EVER spent on the 'Net. Satisfaction guaranteed by this Tutorial!!

Well Done, Dave....

Regards from,

A great HELP Page... For your information I got it from random browsing in the Geocities Chat Room this morning. Some Dragonfly chatter gave this URL as an answer to an unknown question & questioner. Thanks again for the info


Wise Old Man,
Thank you very much for showing me the basics of writing HTML and the tools that make it so much fun. I have a few questions, but I'll wait a while. I'll probably find the answer as I work along with this great new hobby.
Hi Dave,
its Amy again! I just wanted to thank you for helping me out, it worked!
When we are in Geo Help Chat at the same time, I know that you will always know the answer to my question or where to go to find it. You have the best help pages.



Dear Wise Old Man:

Again, many thanks from this end! We are all very lucky to have you to turn to for when we need help! I know I am!!!!

God Bless,

Hi, Champ....I'm not sure if you remember, but in today's chat on Geo I asked for help in getting an Anfy applet on a page. You gave me your URL and in looking same up and bookmarking it, I was cut off from the chat. I was then able to get the applet on site and I had no opportunity to thank you for your assistance, which I am herewith remedying. Thank you for this and also your informative website, which will assist me in the future, I'm certain!
Best regards, Helmut.
thanks for ur help. i swear i dont know what i'd without ur help.
Hey, your site Rocks! It has helped me so much. I used to have a site that wasn't any good, but now,(to my standerds) it's pretty good. I come here every day to find out more things. You rock man!
What a really great site. I've looked at other Tutorial sites in the past and none of them have been so user friendly as this one. I would recommend this site to anyone who want's to know more about web-page design/building.
Thank you so much for taking the time to straighten out this amateur. It was so simple but I jsust could not see it. The code for the table is not shown in the pagebuilder view when working so at first I did'nt know what you were talking about, but then I viewed the source with notepad and I could see it. I had never gotten far enough in the tutorials to understand how to make tables so I wasn't sure what was for until you pointed it out. I was putting <body bgcolor xxxxx in there and it had no effect, but when I put in td bgcolor xxxxx it worked perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my page and understand exactly what my problem was. Even the help desk at Yahoo Geo help did not do that.

After reading your help page tutorials, and your most kind suggestions for solving my problem----

Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for your help with my problem. I really didn't understand that form stuff until I went into your website. You have really helped my friends and I with our website because of the fact that we can put forms on now. Thanks again and if I have another problem I will be sure to ask you about it.


Thank you this page has saved me giving up on my guestbook. I think it has anyway at least i have found a way for people to sign and view the book. Greatly appreciated, just need to edit the words in the book now. Wish me luck, but serious thanks to you.


Yes, I just copied that page...I got your address from the chat help...just want to tell you this is great and I never knew the info was here!!
I love your "Page Builders" website. I've used it several times.


Hi Dave,

Thank you very much! Finally I found someone can help me!

hey great site!!!!!! i come back every 2 weeks or so!!!!
Hi Senior Champ!

First, thank you for such a useful site... this is GREAT!


Thank you very much for your reply..and I am going to keep all the codes you sent me!! have not idea how much I appreciate it.


Dear Senior Champ.

I am just taking a look at your tutorial, while I download Netscape, and we are at the links page, so I thought I would use the email link to say hi, and thank-you for taking the time to put this great page together, you have done a great job.


I love the site, have been using it since I got my computer--I am a master of HTML now, but I still come back every once in a while-good job!
Your site is great! I check this page whenever I have a problem, and you always have the answer. thanks!
IT WORKS, IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou so much.

I'm about as lucky as they come......Met you yesterday in the GeoCities chat room.....but cant get back cuz I didnt put it in my fav. places.....LOL

anyway, I find your information GREAT.......and its gratififing to me to know that at my age I still can tackle something complicated and learn it....


Hey there,
Just e-mailing you to let you know that I went to your HTML tutorial and it was really great. The instructions were simple and easy to understand and I learned a lot. Thanks for making this tutorial.
HEY! I downloaded Netscape 4.something and lo and behold, pagebuilder loaded up like that! LOL Now that I have THAT out of the way, I can finally start working on my website! And, I have bookmarked your site, I know I'll need some help! Thank you! :)
You probably won't remember this but i chatted with you a few days ago (profile name: seahag) about my site and that i was having problems with pagebuilder. you spent a lot of time with me and gave me some tips. suggested i try your tutrorial and use html editor, not pagebuilder. i'm happy to say i've utilized your resources (printed nearly all your pages!) and restarted a new page, offline. MUCH BETTER AND NICER!! THANK YOU!! you have an excellent tool here!
Thank you so much for your help its working now!!! Thanks Again!!!!


First I must say, thank you for making your site, it has made my life a lot easier............


I thought this stuff was going to be impossible but this sure makes it understandable. Thank you! Sailor out.
Let me tell you. You are a life saver & an Angel in disguise. I spent dayssss & nightssss (like til 4 in the morning) and almost had page 1 done & it disappeared on me. Gone! No More! I could have cried. And I am having so much trouble trying to upload. These pages of your help have been a blessing. Thank you so much.



Best help site I've seen, you have helped me also thru the chat room, so a big thanx for your site & input.

Bobby V.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help the other day, it was a big help and I was finally able to make my web page. I really do appreciate the time you spent with me and I will keep your seniorchamp help pagebuilder page handy.

Thanks so much, Sassy

Thanks for your reply. I was finally able to get the GuestBook working properly.

You have sure been a big help and I have your Help site bookmarked!