These are un-edited compliments from people who have found my help pages and wrote to me about them. If you would like to add your comment, please use my comment form. I really appreciate hearing from people who have found my site and the help they need with their web pages. You can read what others have to say about my site by visiting my Guestbook.

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DAVE.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Your tutorial has helped me do in one day what I have been trying to do FOR MONTHS!!!! It is great.....Joyce

Thanks for all of your help you really helped me. I'm glad their are people like you that help others when in need. THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!


I wanted to thank you for your help and your time. What you have told me finally made my head think straight, and you've also told me a few things that wasn't mentioned anywhere. I don't think I've come across it anyway looking at document sources or any page whatsoever. Thanks a lot again. Thanks for taking the time to helping me.... :)


Sir, I would love to thank you for saving me the most valuble thing...time! With your help pages i have fixed many problems, I have alot sent it to many people you helped them too. I would like to see you add a forum for the problems others have when pagebuilder acts up... it would be nice to know its not you sometimes, LOL. Keep up the great work , I'll always be coming back!!!



Thank you so much for your fast response! The frames and buttons are up and working! You've been a life saver! Thank you again!


Thanks so much for your helpful tips on how to use the page builder......Now I have a site of my own. Thanks so much for your help, I really use your site a lot, and I love geocities.
Hi ,
I just have to say that everything on your site has given me insite in helping me build my webpage useing html . I especially like how you give examples in actually showing how to make it happen both visually and in text .
Thank you Dave! I understand about tables now! Html is easier than it looks. If you'd like to see what I've been able to create so far using your tutorial go to: I'm so proud of myself! And you should be proud really helped. Gratefully, Mary
i just wanted to thank you for your help. i went to the pages you told me to, and they had everything i needed... thanks a lot,


Thank you so much for taking my panic away from HTML. Your page was by far the best I found on taking someone step by step into making a web page.


Wow - you really have gone to a lot of effort on these pages! Thanks for the assistance. I'm still struggling with little pesky things, but your pages have helped a lot.


A definite asset to GeoCities! :) I'm a CL in TVCity, and in fact, your page was recommended to me by a fellow CL, when I needed a bit of helpp with an advanced form command! :) Thanks so much for a great resource....and a new bookmark!! :)


You have (without a doubt) the best website that I have experienced so far that teaches GeoBuilder and more. ............What a relief to find it!!
Just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic page you have here! :-) Hope you don't mind, but I'm adding your URL to my signature for my Grove steaders. LOL!
My help page is nothing but links, your help page is the real mccoy! :-) Hope you have a great day!

Your Friend,

Heartland/Grove CL

i just have to say your web page is amazing, and has so many references, and so much content, and the help is extremely useful. I used flash 3 help, and i learn alot of things.Thank you very much for your web page.


I think I can actaully make some sense out of all this now. Your help pages are great. Keep up the good work.


Thank you Thank you Thank you! I have been trying to figure out frames for almost 2 years now and I have only found pages that were WAY too technical for me. Then I go into geocities help chat one day and they reccomend your page and VOILA I have frames that actually work on my page! Thank you so much! :) *julie*
Just wanted to let you know I think your site is FANTASTIC! The examples and explanations are great, really easy to follow. So much is covered too. It's well organized, from the index to the step by step guide to putting it on my own page...

Thanks taking the time to do it, and do it well-

First off, thanks for the extremely helpful GeoBuilder Guide. It was hundreds of times more helpful than anything else I've seen.
Dave, thank you so much for all the help. Our pages are up and running now, thanks to your tutorial pages.
Thank you so very much for a quick response to my questions pertaining to the geoguide in geobuilder. IT WORKED!!!!!
I'm new to all of this, so I have been using the Geobuilder to do my page. I have now decied to try the off-line HTML editors. The one that you recomend in your tutorial is the one I downloaded, I love it.
HI Seniorchamp:)

I am a CL in Paris and just wanted to let you know that I pass along your help URL to steaders all the time. One of my fav sites. Keep up the great work!

Hey Sr. Champ,

~ Has anybody told you how wonderful you are?! You're pages beat out any "Help" pages around! I'd like to see Bill Gates and his company try to even come close!!! You're the best, Dave! Thanks for all your help!


I think your help pages are wonderful. I would not have been able to do it without your pages.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! :o)

Really glad I found your help pages. Have been working with Geobuilder and your help has made it much easier.

I just wanted to let you know this is a great site. Thank you so much for everything! I never have to wonder again what to do when I am stuck. I have your site book marked, and before I even pull up geocities members only, I pull your site up first. Thanks for everything.


I'm sure I will have other questions, and I promised not to bug you too much. I will look for the answer on your help pages first, which by the way, is the greatest thing! It's better than Geocities own help!!! You are wonderful!!!!! ...Susan
dear sir--
I just wanted yu to know that someone in the chat area gave me you URL to this site. it is great, and I, for one am truly grateful that you have taken the time to help those of us that are having problems.
I would like to tell you that your page has helped me in my problems i have encountered with GeoBuilder. It's a great reference.
this site is SOOO helpful. thanks for taking the time out to build this.
Thank you for your help. Your page is terrific. I never would have known what the problem was if I hadn't seen your page. I've been puzzling over it for quite some time and getting very frustrated(I think what a lot of geek-types lack is a knowledge of basic educational techniques - something you seem to have). I've already begun to redo my page using GeoBuilder.
Your help pages are great thank you for doing that to help people.
Hello Senior Champ!
First, love your help pages. They are the best that ever was!!! Very informative.
Thank you for your help. Your page is terrific. I never would have known what the problem was if I hadn't seen your page. I've been puzzling over it for quite some time and getting very frustrated(I think what a lot of geek-types lack is a knowledge of basic educational techniques - something you seem to have). I've already begun to redo my page using GeoBuilder.
I have found your advice very helpful! Thank you. I wanted to tell you that I had success in adding my site to a webring by entering the html fragment through the text option on Geobuilder. I can still edit and everything is working fine for all I know.

Thanks again for all you are doing,

Hey there!

Thank you very much for the help this morning, and for the fantastic help site you've created! I'm referring my students to your site--they're each required to put up a homepage.

Many dreams and many blessings, Weavre

I just had to say thanks so much for the help. It means a lot to someone like me who is just starting out. Now I can get back to creating my site.
i have recently looked at your web page of help and find it fascinating. i recently asked for your help with wav. files. i would also like help on how to make a chat room for my site, if it is possible. please tell me if this is possible and how to do so. please help and thanks.

i put you in my bookmark on my yahoo account that way i could always come here for help thank u so much!


Just wanted to say "Thank-You" for the clear cut information on using GeoBuilder. I pretty much have learned to make alot of mistakes 1st......then find the answers.

Gratefully Eliza

Please take a look at my "new" web page. I owe a lot of the credit to you. Thanks again. My URL is:


I love your help pages !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using geobuilder and learning html and you are a lifesaver. Thanks to you I know have music at my site

On two pages I have the words loop=(the numbe)r showing How do I fix that?


I just wanted to let you know your site will link to my page for help for others. I have found your site to be more help than any other I have been too. thanks Julia
Just to let you know. A freind d/l some of the grahpics and even tho he couldn't see the one for the email it would d/l yet wouldn't open. He thought the file might have been corrupted and so I used a new one and IT WOKS!!! Thanks again....I've been looking at your other instructions and still find them sooooo helpful! Have a great weekend!


Dear Dave...

Thanks for your help on editing my geocities simple it really was...thanks for taking the time to answer my were the most help of anyone I contacted. You can check out my homepage @ If you do..let me know what you's my first.

Take Care & Many thanks...

Thank you - I've asked several folks how to do that and all I've gotten so far is a invite to check out you webpage,

Thanks - this wll help out a lot.


Dear Sir:

I can't tell you how happy I am! I have learned from experience when coming here to visit to bring lots of paper and something to write with. My webpage is coming along nicely with all of the help that I got from you today. I finally got my links on my page and actually got them to work, without having to go to the chat room for help.


Sincerely yours,


I think I love you! I had just sent a request in to you for a step by step instruction on putting music on my page, when I tried One more thing. It Worked! Please disregard the request. They were right, you are the best!


I use geobuilder, and so far this is the best help page Ive used. This is my first time building a homepage and Im trying to have music play when I open the "next" page located on my home page. This is what I put in as code.

<embed src=42return2sender.mid autostart=true width=140 height=50 loop=10></embed><noembed><bgsound src=42return2sender.mid></noembed>

Am I typing in wrong? Do I need the " marks before and after the filename? Ive tried many different ways. Not well versed with htlm and would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


THANK YOU. I finally got it to work. Check it out if you want to. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP.


Thank-you for your help!!! I'll try what you suggested. I am trying to make sure that all of the information is in the proper file types. Thank-you again. I will check everything over carefully before I upload them to the file manager.
Thanks for the help with the photo cube question.


Appreciate the help page. Will come in very useful.



Hi Seniorchamp!

I just wanted to say Thank You for putting a page together that has answered ALL of my html questions - clearly and totally understandable. I seem to be learning by leaps and bounds, (but still have a ways to go as my webpage is not nearly as sophisticated as I want it) with all the help from nice people like you at Geocities and let me tell you, I totally appreciate your efforts to educate others! I have some pages at and if I could figure out a way to move them all from there to here, I would do it - but I do not want to save all (LOTS) of jpg, gif and midi files again to my hard drive and then upload them all again. I know I can copy and paste the html with no problems. I have only begun to look at all the things on your page - I am sure that I will come across an easier way to transfer files from another website! Anyway, thanks so much for all the help you are providing!


Your homepage is really neat. I hope to have one that is this exciting someday. I found out through your information how to add my name to my homepage to give it a name. Some of my friends complained that they didn't know it was mine until they had gotten to the e-mail address at the bottom of it.

I figured out that I am going to have to write back to Amazon to get there Html information again. I didn't write their information down that I need to add to my html file. I am still learning.

Sincerely yours,

Hi seniorchamp,

1st of all I would like to say that you have a great site that has helped me design my page a little better than before. Anyway I would likw to know 2 things.

1. How can I make a Javascript game?
2. How did you make those boxes with the text in them?

Thank you

Hi! Thank-you soooo much for your help. My carousel is now up and running perfectly. So, thanks again...and have a nice day!


my page came out fine only the background did not show up. I used a background from geo.also,when ever i save it ,the computer locks up when i hit ctrl/alt/del it always says internet explorer not responding.

I also think it is great of you to help like this!


Dave: I just wanted to tell you how great your help pages are. The way you put everything in laymens terms that everyone can understand if fantastic. The I/S nerds where I work think I'm a genius, all they know is networks.

Anyway, thanks for all your help


First I would like to thank you, your help page has really helped me get started on my page. I am having a problem. I want to play music on my page, I take the music, convert it into a wav, au, or mid file and then I upload it, just like you say, but then when I go to play it only aprox 7 seconds will play, what do I do, am I doing something wrong? Please help me !!

Thank you

Once Again, I thanks you so much..... I got the frames to work... so far... and hopefuly, wont have any problems, but if i do, i know where to turn... you are truley one of the best!!


Erkan ------